Menubar Simple Controller

I had to paste the script in a pastebin, as this website parses out anything after the icons.

These are emoticons from a Font that OSX has. How can I use images from icns or png in the menu? Is it possible?



You basically need to use -setImage:. So:

someMenuItem's setImage:(current application's NSImage's alloc()'s initWithContentsOfFile:"/path/to/image/file")

I was be able set the top level menu icon with that, the one that shows in the bar.

But not the menu items. These:

set menuList to {“Filter Hosts”, “Clean Filters”, “”, “Walle”, “Quit”}

You have to address the menu items.

Not a go… errors by the bundles.
I’ll leave as is, is not perfect but I guess does what supposed to to. If I run out of white icons I’ll simply remove them all.

Thanks man