menulet tooltip broken with launchd but not login items

Hi all,
I have an odd one which I hope someone can help with.

I have a menulet that is launched at startup with a launchd user agent (runAtLoad).

The menubar menulet launches ok.
I have a tooltip that should come up when you hover over it.
But the tooltip does not display.

But if I quit the menubar menulet, and relaunch it. the tooltip works.
If I launch the menulet with login items all works as expected.

The menulet is a helper app inside a prefpane.

I have tried to put the setTooltip inside a applicationDidFinishLaunching: notification…
(All in Object -c by the way ;))

But I get the same results.

Does anyone have any ideas.
many thanks

Does the daemon launch the app directly?

Here are some things I would try:
Try setting the nice value of the daemon to +20 so it will load towards the end, on the off chance your app is getting loaded before something crucial to the SystemUIServer is.

Try creating and external script that opens your app and have the daemon launch that

Hi EricL,

Yes it does.

I had thought about the external script idea, but had wanted to avoid it.

I think the Nice thing was what I was looking for first test look good.
Many thanks for you help. :slight_smile: