Merge Layer set individually ?

Hey Guys here is a Script that may help you, this is specific to my workflow but you may found some useful part to integrate in your own Workflow.
I’d like to thanks Mark67 for having hellping me out :smiley:

tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS4"
	set targetFolder to choose folder with prompt "Select your export file"
	set DOC to current document
	tell DOC
		resize image resolution 100
		make new art layer with properties ¬
		set c to count every layer set of DOC
		set visible of every layer set of DOC to true
		repeat c times
			set LayerName to name of layer set 1 of DOC
			export DOC in (targetFolder as text) & LayerName & ".jpg" as save for web with options {quality:100}
			delete layer set 1
		end repeat
		display dialog "Success"
	end tell
end tell