META: What does selecting XCode as default script editor in Script Editor prefs actually do?

I changed the Default Script Editor to XCode but nothing happened. If I manually open scripts in XCode they aren’t read as compiled scripts but as text files (?). What does this setting do?

It means if you double click an .scpt file in Finder it will open in

But can XCode read AS-files?

This is how it looks for me in XCode:

I have never done that but you could run AppleScript in Xcode.
You could try to save it as text .applescript

What do you use as editor or IDE for AppleScript? Script Editor is starting to becoming to basic for me when the scripts starts be hundreds if not thousands of lines with dozens of methods and functions. I would like a real IDE.

If you like to make it easy use Script Debugger. AppleScript has limit how big a script could be. And that has nothing to do what kind of IDE you use. That is one of the reason I like the approach to use python if I could.

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