Metal vs Aqua Preference

Hey All,
I’ve been working on a few Applescript studio apps and I’d like to add a preference where the user can choose between the Aqua or Brushed metal appearance (like poisoned has.) I’ve been searching the board and the rest of the internet for weeks and have yet to come up with a way of accomplishing this. Anybody have any experience in this sort of thing?

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Hi Jeff, this is from Apple…

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Greg, I think what madmonk wants to do is change the window texture within an AppleScript Studio app. The documents just say that you can set the Textured Window attribute in Interface Builder. It says that you can create instances of windows. So, I think what you need to do is make 2 windows perhaps duplicating the first one. Then set the textured window attribute for the second. You then swap the windows depending on the user preference. I think the indices for the window items would be the same. I don’t know what would happen to like text entered by the user in text fields. I need to play around with this a little more.

If I’m totally wrong on this then disregard.


Thanks for the replies. I’m trying to accomplish what kel described where the user could turn off the metal texture for the app. I had kicked around the idea of 2 separate windows, but was really hoping there was an easier way.

that said:

call method “_setTexturedBackground:” of theWindow with parameter true

I’ve had limited success with the “_setTexturedBackground:” parameter which is an undocumented “hidden” method. Sometimes it works fine but other times the controls of the window to which I’ve called this method become unresponsive and I don’t recommend this method.


“_setTexturedBackground:” seems to be doing the job just fine. Thank you very, very much. If you’re at all curious, the apps I’m trying to add it to are “Control Freak” and “Speed Freak”. Both are on version tracker and here…

Again, thanks a million.

That call method just makes my toolbar disappear on launch for some reason.
I guess I shouldnt use it anymore…