MicrocosmSoftware's FindFilesX for Lion


I have been using FindFilesX in my scripts under Snow Leopard for some time now and think it’s the bees-knees.
Unfortunately it does not run under Lion.
Fortunately, before moving to Lion I created a SL partition so can flip back from Lion when required.

In an ideal World it would be nice to not have to do that.

I have emailed support@MicrocosmSoftware.com, but have not received any reply and their website MicrocosmSoftware.com appears to abandoned as there are no updates regarding Lion.

Does anyone know:

  1. Is this excellent versatile utility now dead ?
  2. Is there an equivalent for Lion ?

Thanks in advance,


FindFilesX is a PowerPC only application, it can work on Intel computers only with the help of Rosetta.
As Apple has dropped Rosetta in Lion, there is no way to run it.

There are alternatives like FileBuddy but I doubt they are scriptable in the same way