Microsoft Entourage export / archive?


I’m unskilled in the AppleScript arts, and I suspect that my question is pretty straightforward for Those Who Know.

I’m trying to do an automatic backup (export) of my Microsoft Entourage data nightly (so that it will be picked up by the system that backs up everything else on my system in a discrete form).

To do the export manually, I use the File->Export command. In the dialogs that follow, I tell Entourage to “export to an Entourage archive” “all items” and check the boxes for
Calendar Events

Entourage asks if I want to delete items after they’re archived, and (critically important) I choose
“No, keep the items after they are archived”

That requirement is kind of scary. I’m reluctant to experiment with this because I really need the data that I’m backing up (and don’t want to accidentally delete it by failing to specify some unknown modifier – I have no way to test without putting my data at risk).

Finally, it asks me for a name for the archive with a std file dialog. I want to run this nightly, so I prepend the date to wind up with a filename like
“050407 Main Identity.rge”

I’d really appreciate any pointers that anyone could offer, both to the specific problem at hand and also, more generally, how do I find the set of keywords that entourage will recognize?

Thanks in advance,

Sean Rome