Microsoft Word 2016 365 Document Properties Missing Value

Although this script works in Microsoft Word 16, it fails in Microsoft Word 16, Office 365 Subscription

tell application "Microsoft Word"
	get document property "Keywords" of active document
-->error "Microsoft Word got an error: The object you are trying to access does not exist" number -1728 from document property "Keywords" of active document
end tell

Any ideas on resolving this problem?

I do not have version of Microsoft Word 2016 365, but I will try to help you find a solution:

  1. Before running the script, open a real document in Microsoft Word 2016 365.
  2. Run the following script to determine if the “Keywords” property is in the list of document properties.
tell application "Microsoft Word"
	set myList to document properties of active document
end tell

causes a prolonged script run that will not stop, requiring me to force quit the application.