Microsoft Word convert file on Open

I’m a newcomer to AppleScript, but with the help of this bulletin board I’ve been able to create a script that will batch convert many text files in Microsoft Word (Mac 2011), using dozens and dozens of find/replace routines, and save them as .doc Word files.

The problem I’m running into is that when Word opens some (but not all) of these text files, Word displays a dialog box headed “Convert File” with “Convert file from:” and various options listed. The default in these instances is “MS-DOS Text”, which is what I want. I can manually click ok and the script will continue to do its job.

But what I’d like is a script that automatically handles situations when this dialog box appears without me having to tell Word to select MS-DOS text to convert from. If I were to write the script in plain English, it would probably look something like:

after opening the file,
if the Convert File dialog box appears, select “MS-DOS Text” and click ok
otherwise do nothing

Can anyone offer some suggestions to help with what seems like a solvable problem?


Model: MacBook Air
AppleScript: 2.2.1
Browser: Firefox 48.0
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.7)