Minimal text-display app (to use instead of TextEdit)?

I’ve a script that run a shell script to modify or convert WordPerfect document files into RTF format, and then displays the RTF in TextEdit.

Mostly for aesthetic reasons, I would prefer to display the RTF in a simple text-viewing application that can copy text to the OS X clipboard, or save the current file to another folder, but without the menus and toolbars in TextEdit.

Does such an application exist? I suppose I should learn to create one in Xcode, and it would be do me good to learn how to do it, but if such a thing exists already, I would be grateful to know about it.

Thanks for any help.


Tex-Edit Plus seems to fit the bill.

Thank you - yes, it does, but I can’t distribute it with the script. I guess it’s time to dive a little deeper into Xcode and build one…