Missing Script Icon

Just switched to Catalina and I have lost the Script Icon in the menu bar. I have checked “Script Editor” preferences and the “Show Script Menu in the Menu bar” is ticked. turn it on and off and restarted no change. Any suggestions and or a Terminal command that will put the logo where it is supposed to be?


For the Terminal you can use:

do shell script "open '/System/Library/CoreServices/Script Menu.app'"

Thanks, I thought I had it working with your suggestion but it seems to come and go, must be missing something.

It seems, your (menu bar 1 + menu bar 2) has too many items. So some of them may be hidden. Try to remove some of them temporarily and tell as if you see the Scripts icon in the menu bar 2.

Instead of removing you can set the clock to “View as Analogue”, or, make your user name short. My user name, for example, is 3 digits text (“123”)

  1. suggestion: grant to Script Editor permission to control your computer.(go to Security&Privacy–>Accessibility)

Thought I had thanked you and replied but it does not look like.

So thank you, for the past 2 days the logo has been on the menu bar. At home I have a 27" monitor and I think with all my apps there is enough room, and also I have moved it to the right.

With just the MacBook there is of course less space . Hopefully the problem will not come back.

thank you again.