mkdir errors on Yosemite

When running Mac OS 10.10 these commands below lead to the following errors:

do shell script “mkdir -p ‘volumes//10.10/Users/gt/Documents/Backup/’”
mkdir: volumes//10.10/Users/gt/Documents/Backup/: Permission denied

do shell script “mkdir -p ‘volumes//10.9/Users/gt/Documents/Backup/’”
mkdir: volumes//10.9/Users/gt/Documents/Backup/: Permission denied

When running Mac OS 10.9 these commands above are successful.

When running Mac OS 10.10 this command below is successful:

do shell script “mkdir -p ~/Documents/Backup/”

Are there any changes in Mac OS 10.10 that require a different command for full or absolute references to directories?

If so, is there a single command that will work in 10.10 and prior versions?

Thank you,

Those mkdir commands don’t look correct to me. I think the command your trying to do is:

do shell script "mkdir -p '/Volumes/10.10/Users/gt/Documents/Backup/'"

Thank You ktam.

All of the following work.

do shell script “mkdir -p ‘/Volumes/10.10/Users/gt/Desktop/Backup/’”
do shell script “mkdir -p Volumes/10.10/Users/gt/Desktop/Backup/”
do shell script “mkdir -p Volumes//10.10/Users/gt/Desktop/Backup/”

The key seems to be the capitalized “Volumes”.

I will check to see if the startup volume 10.10 (Yosemite) is formatted Case-sensitive.

Thanks again.