Modifying this contact sheet script to also save the contact sheets


I found this script to make a contact sheet, and made some modifications to it.
The only thing it doesn’t do, is save the final contact sheet(s) anywhere.

Is that possible to have the contact sheets be saved as Tiff files in the same folder that originated the images, or have the ability to choose a destination folder, or will that not work since the amount of contact sheets created is not a set amount.

here is the script…

tell application "Finder"
	set sourcePath to choose folder with prompt "Please select SOURCE folder:"
	--	set savePath to choose folder with prompt "Please select DESTINATION folder:"
	set fileList to (files of entire contents of sourcePath) as alias list
end tell
tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS3"
	create contact sheet from files fileList with options {best fit:true, column count:2, height:900, resolution:200.0, mode:CMYK, row count:2, width:648}
end tell