Mojave Drag and Drop Item Count Issue

I’ve a script in which drag and drop should provide the Open handler with a list of the items dropped. Instead, it invokes the app as many times as there are files in what is dropped.

The script behaves perfectly when run inside Script debugger and sees the full set of files dropped.

The O/S version I have is Mojave v10.14.3. Hopefully; this isn’t one of those “new” features.

Has anyone seen this behavior and knows of a way to “fix” it?

hat sounds like files you’ve downloaded, that still have the quarantine metadata attached. Move them to a new folder and try again.

Hi Shane.

Thank you for that idea.

None of the files were downloaded. The app was constructed totally in Script Debugger and on this computer. The data files are all ones fabricated for testing, again, on this computer.

Looked at the files using the xattr command from the terminal window. Found one Test.pdf that I made from scratch by using TextEdit and printing it to a PDF had:

I used xattr -d attribute filename to remove the offending attribute.

Very odd. Do you have any ideas why this could happen? I’d hate to have users of my app have this occur.