Monitoring serial numbers on a network


Is there a solution - free or commercial - to monitor serial numbers of an AppleScript studio application on a network?

That is, let’s say there’s a copy of the program licensed to 2 users. If someone is trying to launch a copy when two copies are already running, it will catch it, issue a warning and quit.

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P.S. Oh, and wanted to thank jj for his help with the “availableFonts” method - i’ve just checked that topic again too late!

I’m not aware of any such program or script. I understand what you’re wanting to do and there might be a way using another Applescript that the application(s) communicate with. Or they could update a file when they are launched on some machine that is mutually agreed upon to be the “master”.

This would also require the app to “deduct” itself from that file when it quits. If the program crashes or the Mac needs rebooted due to a (horrible) system crash (or got unplugged) then that file would be inaccurate and you’d have to wipe it or repair it.