Monitoring temperature of an iMac

Hi there,

I’m new to AS and wanted to know if it is possible to do the following:

I need to continuously monitor the temperature of an iMac via an Uptime device using SNMP traps. I want to check the sensor and if the temp is too high to put the computer to sleep and send an email of the warning (similar to UPS devices).

Is there anyone out here who knows how to do this or would be willing to figure this out for a resonable price?

thank you!

Can you be a little clearer on your goals here.

You mention SNMP traps. Typically traps are sent by a SNMP-aware device based on some condition.

Are you trying to get your script to accept these traps and respond?

Or are you trying to get a script to periodically poll the device and react?

You mention both models in your post. The second option is simple, but getting AppleScript to listen for network traffic is significantly harder.