more Xcode woes... can't connectthsi time

I seem to be struggling with Xcode at the moment.

So I add an IBAction to my script. I add a blue cube object and link it up to my script class, or just use the delegate object, and the action is not recognized by the button when I drag over to the script object.

Just to test this I made a new project, ASOC, added the same handler and script object and when I drag from button the blue cube won’t even register for me to link it up.

on testMe_(sender)
    display dialog "It works of course!"
end testMe_

What is this. I have done this thousands of times. I am on Xcode 8.1 on two different machines. project build fine, everything good but can’t link?

Thanks, Rob

Are you control-dragging?

Yes as always. I started a new test project this time and hand typed in the IBAction handlers and they connect!

Odd it seems that when I pasted in a bunch of code it wouldn’t be recognized. Am wondering if this is the case in my larger scripts where I still can’t get new handlers to be seen. Though sometimes it would workout mostly not…