Most used Applescripts folder

I don’t know you, but using applescripts -especially if you wrote a lot of them-becomes really cumbersome with the time. I update my script libraries in regular time intervals, trashing, merging, creating apps of my scripts i need to have at hand.

For some time now, wished i could dispose only of the scripts i use very, very often without trashing the others. To make an example, in Automator (which is great for some features) there is a smart folder of the ‘most used items’ as you continue to use his various actions over the time.
I wished i could simulate a similar folder with some shell commands, but for the most used applescripts i use daily and eventually, weekly. After all, a smart folder is only an XML file with shell commands and some other features to trace files.

Please don’t come with application launchers, because with the time, it becomes hard to memorize all kind of shortcuts for certain applescripts to launch. Maybe an app whose launches applescripts like the dock does with apps, yes.
I googled but found nothing similar.
Some suggestions ?


I’m using FastScripts. It installs a menulet with a Recent Scripts menu