Mount AFP volume through alias

I am trying to create a script that check if a certain AFP volume is mounted if not it will do so by opening an alias of this volume
I need to do so because it the the server (KODAk Brisque) gives me a popup while connecting (something to do with password in clear script)

The script works but afther mounting the volume the alias is beiing activated by the finder every 60 seconds - it should do this only when the volumes is NOT mounted.
Can anyone help me with this?


on idle
	set mounteddisks to list disks
	if mounteddisks does not contain "Brisque05.10" then
		set thePath to ((get path to startup disk) & "Users:" & ¬
			(do shell script "echo $USER") & ¬
			":Bibliotheek:Favorieten:brisque05.1.0") as string
		tell application "Finder"
			open alias thePath
		end tell
	end if
	return 60
end idle


Can’t you use a script with the password info? For example:

mount volume "afp://" as user name "Your Name" with password "password"

Thanks, that did the trick!!
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