Mount all servers on network list

Is there a way to mount all servers that are in the network list? Currently, I have a simple applescript where I write all servers that need to me mounted. I actually would like to, instead of changing the script on all computers, to have one script that looks for the server list and mount all volumes that are entered there. Thanks!

Just to make sure are you asking to have a script that reads a file somewhere and mounts all the servers/shares listed there or something different? Didn’t quite follow what you were asking.

I have a script that does this. Unfortunately it can be finicky depending on what machine it is saved on. I just read another thread that suggested saving the script as an application bundle. I am unfamiliar with that method. Do you need to enter a password or do you have them saved?


Sorry I took so long to reply Brian. No, usernames and passwords are not needed since the script is run after the user signs on to the network. The reason I would like to do this is that not all users connect to the same servers, and sometimes, new servers are added and I would like to have a quick way of allowing the user to mount different volumes without having to modify the script each time and converting it into an application.

I just looked in the Recent Servers folder (Users/USERNAME/Library/Recent Servers and found that this list is not the same as the list that appears under the menu Network. I just thought of something else, maybe I could create a text file where the user can add or delete which users to connect to, and have the script load the servers found on such file? I’m really new to applescripting, so I need some help accomplishing this… Maybe something like

Open text file
For each line in text file
mount volume

something like this…