Mount External Drive and make the system think it is a local drive

Hello all,

I am needing your help mounting an external drive (usb drive through airport) and tricking the system to think it is a local drive.

My reason for wanting to do this is for backing up my network drive to Carbonite, and carbonite only allows backup of local drives. I need to back up 500gb, but my macbook’s HD is only 120gb. So I cannot move the files over to my machine to backup.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Paul,

this is not possible, because the IO Registry treats local and shared drives totally different

I think there is a shell script that tells Time Machine to use any drive available for Backup, even shared.


i am wondering if it is possible to use an applescript to transfer files from my network drive to my local drive, have those files transfer over to carbonite, and then have the transfered files deleted and replaced with new files to transfer. Basically having this process repeat its self until the entire network drive is backed up.

the hangup would be having the script remember to moniter what it transfered and what it did not and then have it malfunction.

thanks for all your help guys!