Mount iTunes libary at NAS hard disk

I have a mac mini to control my D/A Converter with music by itunes. The music and the itunes library is on the NAS - folder “music”.

I start the Nas with an app "DS finder"with my ipodtouch. It works fine.

I will mount the folder with my iTunes library on the NAS.
So a forum user send following script:

Now my question/problem:

I want expant the scrip above:

In that case - when the mount is successfull - a software app (name: Audirvane - which is a audioplayer integrated in iTunes) should start.

I think, than The script must be stored as programm. I will call this as “DS-mount”.
Then this programm “DS-mount” must be integrate in the system preferences -login items.

Can some help me. I have no idea.

Thank you very much.