Mount server and finder error

Hi scripters…

I’ve 3 servers with 600 users…
user “piet” has his home on server_1
user “jan” hs his home on server_2

This little script works fine with panther. But in Tiger a get a dialog "Could not mount volume “jan.”, because he has no folder on server_1
server_2 will mount.

The same problem with piet. server_1 will mount his folder, but get a dialog for server_2, because his home isn’t there.

OK… How can I logon without the dialog "Could not mount volume “piet.”

Some code from my app.

on clicked theObject
tell application "Finder"
		repeat with i from 1 to number of items of TheServers
			set ServerName to item i of TheServers
			--tell application "Ga naar Server" to set content of text field "info" of window "main" to ServerName
			delay 0.1
			--display dialog TheName
			set toserver to item i of TheServers
			set TheServer to "afp://" & toserver & ""
			set TheFolder to TheName & ":Documents:"
			set ThePath to "/Volumes/" & TheName & "/Documents/"
			set ThePath2 to "/" & TheName & "/Documents/"
				set TheVolume to mount volume TheServer & ThePath2 as user name TheName with password ThePass
				if exists folder TheFolder then
					display dialog TheFolder as string
					open folder TheFolder
					eject TheVolume as alias
				end if
			end try	
		end repeat
	end if
end tell