Mountain Lion and Automator Workflows


I have a few Automator workflows which I use in the right click menu. One is an encryption/decryption Applescript with an ‘on open xyz’ construct to get the file and its path to handle. Under Lion everything works perfectly. Under Mountain Lion it seems that such a construct is not supported anymore.

Anyone who has a tip how to get this to work under ML?


The open handler still works in ML. Perhaps you could post some of your code so we san look for the problem.

Here is my code

on open mST
set schonda to “”
set schonda to do shell script “ps ax | grep -v grep | grep afplay”
end try
if schonda ≠“” then
say “a f play is running already”
end if
set f to (quoted form of POSIX path of (mST as text))
do shell script “afplay " & f & " & sleep 2 && kill $(ps ax | grep Programme/ | grep -v grep | awk ‘{print$1}’)”
end try
end open

in the automator workflow the code is as follows

foles or folders in

pass input as arguments

for f in “$@”
open -a /Volumes/eANW/Programme/ “$f”

So try putting some logging after the line where you use the open argument: set f to (quoted form of POSIX path of (mST as text)). That should really be ((item 1 of mST) as text), BTW – mST is a list.

But the logging should confirm that the open handler is working, and that the problem is somewhere else.

made the logging

it never gets inside the on open section

it executes everything outside on open


I should have some coffee before replying. If this is an Automator workflow, you don’t want an open handler. An open handler is used for drag-and-drop. Automator workflows use the run handler, as in:

on run {input, parameters}

Hi Shane

Your right. But: In Lion and the Leopards the on open scripts were running - to my surprise when I implemented it …

Regards to DownUnder and thanks for your input anyway.