Mounting afp using "Guest"


How can I modify this:

mount volume “afp://server/volume1” as user name “user” with password “password”

to mount the volume using GUEST priviledges and also mount a certain volume/folder using guest?


Hi videopuppy

the info in this thread may help:

Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)


I came up with this which works here, just add your ip and the volume you want to mount
an folder etc etc.

mount volume "afp://;AUTH=No User Authent@ NAME"

Budgie, very nice. Thank you!

Can it be done with SMB too?

wow, this is an old post

try something like this

tell application "Finder"
	update desktop
	if not (exists disk "test") then mount volume "smb://"
	if exists then
		display dialog "test is now mounted"
	end if
end tell

This certainly is, but I always dig the archives looking for just that snippet to start with.
Thanks anyway for your reply.
In the meantime I found the (quite simple) solution

tell application "Finder"
	mount volume "smb://guest:@"
	--end try
end tell

This works without any login screen on a smb volume with guest access. You can add the try to keep it completely silent. In case of normal access you can use

tell application "Finder"
	mount volume "smb://username:password@"
	--end try
end tell