mounting appleshare server

I’m having trouble with a simple script,…hope someone can help. If I use this format to try and mount my local applesahre IP server, I get and error -1070.

tell application “Finder”
mount volume “afp://ipaddress/sharepoint”
end tell

If I remove the sharepoint, I get a parameter error.

I’m writing the script on an iMac/G3 running OS 9.2.2 with AppleScript Editor 1.8.3.

If I write the same script on my laptop running 10.2.6 it works,…can I do this in OS 9.2.2?!


I connect to my OS X box from a OS 9.2.2 box with this script…

mount volume "afp://"

where is the IP address of the OS X machine and VolumeName is the name of the hard drive.

Yes, I too use that script,…which is why I’m seeking help. It works fine to connect from OS 9.2 to an OS X server, but it fails when I point it at an OS 9.2 ASIP 6.3.1 server,…and I do not know why.



I have noticed this occurring randomly on an OS 9 client. I think it has to do with the File Sharing on the server, actually. I’ve had problems where I try to log in manually, and get a disconnected message, even though file sharing is on. Turning the server’s sharing off, and then back on seemed to fix the problem for a while.

Lately I haven’t had any problems. Not sure why it stoped failing. Once it has failed once, though, it seems you need to restart the client to get it working again - very frustrating.

I am crazy, ridicuulous, spankin’, “your word here” new to Applescript, but I do understand how it works, and I have done some scripting in Flash and HTML etc. which I am hoping might give me a slight edge.

I am having a similar problem getting Applescript to log me into the server at work. I posted on the thread Automated IP Login the other day, but so far have gotten no responses.

Will the same script mentioned above work if I am on a Mac running OS 9.2.2, logging into a Windows 2000 IIS Server? If you read my post on the other thread you will see that it is a bit more involved than just what is covered here, but this would be a great start for me.