Mounting Drives HELP!!

Why can I mount a network drive with clear text passwords and 2 way encrypted passwords, but not encrypted password transport?

I don’t know. I can’t get any network drives to mount. Perhaps I am not using the correct syntax. It seems that I should use…

mount volume "afp://AAI Retouching/AAI Retouching B/AAI•Retouching•4"

Where “AAI Retouching” is the appletalk zone, “AAI Retouching B” is the name of the server, and “AAI•Retouching•4” is the name of the remote volume that I want to mount. Is this wrong? How exactly should I be writing this out. It compiles in the Script Editor, but when I try to run the script I get an error of -3170. Please help me. Please.

Try: mount volume “AAI Retouching 4” on server “AAI Retouching B” in AppleTalk zone “AAI Retouching” as user name “yourname” with password “yourpassword”