Mounting Samba shares

I am setting up my labs so that users authenticate against our campus server (Novell 6, eDir). The mappings are static, and the home directory is a generic directory on the local machine.

However, students have a personal directory on the Novell server and I would like to automount this at login. I know I can script this so the ‘connect to’ window pops up asking for account info, but is there any way to automatically populate the name and password from the login info?

Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance

Here is the script I use to mount my Samba shares.
Change the type of mount to however you mount a Novell share, and you should be able to drop the script into your login items.
Hope that helps !!

tell application "Finder"
	if not (exists "shared") then
		mount volume "smb://" as user name "USER" with password "PASS"
	end if
end tell