Mounting windows shares

So glad to have finally found here; I’ve been looking for somewhere like this for ages :slight_smile:

If one stores one’s music library on a NAS, and the share hasn’t been browsed before starting iTunes, iTunes thinks its not there and defaults its library back to a local one.

One can use the settings in the account tab of System Preferences to set OS X to mount shares upon log in, but this results in a window being opened for every share, and a significant increase in boot time. I have found examples of scripts that do the same thing but they all use the Finder, which I have found out is the reason for this delay.

How does one do a mount that doesn’t use Finder please?


Hi edgley

heres a few of suggetions for you, using “mount volume”

--mount volume as guest, just add ip and volume name, this has no user authentication.
mount volume "afp://;AUTH=No User Authent@ NAME"

--mount volume, just add ip and volume name, and user authentication.
mount volume "afp://Macintosh HD:password@ HD"

--mount volume from a pc, just add ip and folder name
mount volume "smb://"

--mount volume
mount volume "afp://username@"