Mouse Click

I searched for a while on the forums and on MacScripter, but didn’t find anything that helped me. I am trying to get the mouse to click in Safari. It doesn’t need to be moved, nor does it need to click a button. What I want it to click is in a Java applet.

So, being innovative by nature, I thought about it for a minute and came up with this:

tell app "System Events" click end tell
That failed. So, since I was doing it in Safari, I tried this instead:

tell app "System Events" tell process "Safari" click end tell end tell
Which didn’t work either. I really don’t know how to do this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

At or in you’ll find a Scripting Addition called Extra Suites that does mouse clicks. I don’t recall what it costs, but it is not expensive. There are others as well.