Mouse movement simulation

How o i go about this? is this possible just usng apple script- looking to do something like:
tell application “System Events”
movemouse(0, 0)
end tell
But it always omes up with an error: System Events got an error: Can’t continue movemouse.

Any ideas?

Model: MacBook 2GHz
AppleScript: Watever it came with…
Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Hi geoff,

you need something like Extra Suites

OK so I have downloaded and extracted the file, what exactly do i do with it? Sorry i am very new to applescript…
If i just run these lines ::
tell application “Extra Suites”

ES move mouse {0, 0}

end tell
It just goes into some kind of loop, and doesnt move the mouse.

there could be a problem with Intel Macs, because Extra Suites is a PPC application.
On my G5 your code compiles and works fine.

But take a look a, maybe there are alternatives

System Events doesn’t have property movemouse, only click. so you can say

tell application “System Events” to click at {0,0}

but this will not work, you have to address an application, system events can only tell a process to do something but here is another thing to remember, the application must be activ.

tell application “System Events” to tell process “Finder” to click at {0,0}

will work as long as the finder is activ otherwise just activate it.

tell application “Finder” to activate
tell application “System Events” to tell process “Finder” to click at {0,0}

will work, but you have to address the process not the application

tell application “System Events” to tell application “Finder” to click at {0,0}

will not work.

but check out
there is a property mousemove which should be exactly what you look for.

just tested it on my ibook g4.
extract an place the xtool.osax in /Library/ScriptingAdditions/
and then just

move mouse {x,y}

and enjoy.


I am on an Intel mac myself, but Extra Suites works like charm.
Did you get the right version and what is the event log that you get…?