Move Adobe Illustrator page item to the artboard

This script will move a page item regardless of the dimensions of the artboard.

global artL, artT
tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
	set artRect to artboard rectangle of artboard 1 of document 1
	-- left, top, right, bottom
	set artL to (first item of artRect)
	set artT to (second item of artRect)
	set myObject to first item of selection
	set myObject's position to my convertPos(myObject, {0, 0})
end tell

on convertPos(pageItem, itemPosition)
	tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
		set cWidth to (pageItem's width) / 2
		set cHeight to (pageItem's height) / 2
		return {artL - (cWidth - (item 1 of itemPosition)), artT + (cHeight - (item 2 of itemPosition))}
	end tell
end convertPos