move files within a folder

I need help with organizing files within a folder. The folder follows this pattern, comments in paranthesis:

FolderName (folder1)
File.xml(inside folder1)
FolderName.jpg(inside folder 1)
Images (folder2)
image1.tif (inside folder2)
image2.tif (inside folder2)

I want to move FolderName.jpg for many files to folder2 (Images).

What do you have so far?

Have you attempted to write a script?

I seen some other posts by doing a quick search for similar functions. but in general, didn’t know where to start!

The first place to start is right here on MacScripter in the UnScripted section.
There are many great tutorials that will help you on your way to becoming
a great scripter.

Next pick up “AppleScript Second Edition” by Hanaan Rosenthal. There are
many books on AppleScript but this is probably the best for beginning to
intermediate. There is also a good video tutorial at by Ben Waldie.



I would love to do that. as advised by you Craig. but timing of the project doesn’t permit. any help is greatly appreciated.

MacScripter is a wonderful place to get help when learning to script
or when you’re stuck and can’t figure something out.

IMHO, we have the best forum on the net with the friendliest, most helpful
people who generously give their time and energy to share their knowledge
with others. This is a place to learn.

From looking at your post(s) though, it appears you are chopping up a large
Project into small parts.

When you are needing production work and don’t have time to learn
AppleScript you should definitely head to MacFreelancer and
post your request as a project.

That would be the fastest way to get you from A to Z and save you a load of

Hope this helps, and good luck to you!

Best regards,


2 move commands come to mind. First, have you looked at the dictionary for the Finder? It has a move command. There’s also a unix command “mv” which should do the trick.

how would I look up a finder dictionary? also, I looked up mv options, and I understand how to do simple command:
mv source destination
but how would I do that for a lot of files recursively.