move most recent selected folder in front window in finder

Anyone know how to tell the finder to move a selected folder in the most current window to another folder? I want the selected folder to be the last selected folder in the last active window, so basically I can assign a keyboard shortcut that will move the selected folder into a specific folder named “Current”

tell application “Finder”
move selection to folder “Current” of desktop – or wherever it is
end tell

Compile this script as an application. You should launch it from the apple menu or something like that next to selecting a folder; to be moved into Current folder, within Finder, because if you try to run it by double clicking, the folder you selected will become unselected.

Cuneyt Ocaklilar, thanks that did the trick. Now I can add it to a quickey and one less thing I have to do with the mouse. Thanks, jmarsh :smiley: