Move mouse click button

I know i can move the mouse, but i dont know how to click buttons.

The idea being is so that i can move the mouse to a button on a website then click it, move the mouse somewhere else, double clikc that and then move mouse again to click another button.

All i need to know is how to push buttons, and whether that would work.

If you go this route, it would be prone to failure if, for instance, the target window is moved, the page is scrolled out of position, or the user does something while the script is running. If you still want to try it, you might want to look at Extra Suites. It allows a script to move the cursor and offers several otpions for clicking. It also allows the script to move the cursor relative to its current position or to given coordinates. This, in addition to some info from the browser, might allow you to find the coordinates of the window and work from there. It all seems rather iffy to me but I have not tried to do it.

– Rob

i know what you mean and i agree, but i have tried all other ways that i can think of to upload some files through a website and the oly option left is the one i will try and pursue, i have extra scripts and will look.

Also some of the windows that i will be clicking always open in the centre of the screen so i should be ok for some parts, as for the others, hmmm, i wonder if i can open Ie to be at the same posiotiona dn the same window size.

Can i??

This will vary from browser to browser. If the browser allows scripts to position and resize windows, it should be possible. You might need to resort to JavaScript for some of this.

hmmm, all this hassle.

Oh well, cheers i will let you know what happens.

You can also use JavaScript to execute a link or a submit button within IE or Safari regardless of the window’s position. This will be easier than trying to hit a moving target.


How, i have tried:

but it doesn;t work.

This works like a charm for me:


cheers i will try that.