Move or copy files from an open Email attachment folder

I am trying to set up the following:
Send a Mac Mail user an email that includes an attached folder. In that folder are a few attachments as well as an application bundle script called “”.

When the operator double-clicks the application script in their open mail message, it will copy the attached files within that folder to certain locations on their local machine.

Where I need help is as follows. How do I script the path to the folder in the open Mac Mail message, so that I can copy and move the files from that folder?

I realize I can have them save the attached folder first. But it would be very nice for them to be able to skip this step and just open the mail attachment folder.

Any help would be appreciated.



I have to investigate this a little, I didn’t know you could attach a folder. :slight_smile:

I’ll come back with something.

Best Regards



Apparently you can attach a folder. :slight_smile:

Well, I assume you know how to attach the folder to the mail message. It should be like any other attachment.
(forgive me if I’m wrong).

The context is that the application is witihin folder of the mail message.

Your app has then a statement of (path to me) , and from that path you can derive the parent folder, -which should be a folder under the users temporary items -before it is dragged somewhere.
-Well when you have the path to the parents folder then your files to be copied should be accessible through that path with Finder.

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