Move Panther Mail flagged messages to a folder?

Complete Applescript noob needs help with a script to search the current mailbox (or all mailboxes) for flagged messages in Panther Mail, move them to a designated folder (Archive) and unflag them once there. If it can be run at a repeating interval (say everytime Mail is started or quit) even better.

Intention is to manually flag messages that are of interest and should be saved, then run a script to move them when the mailbox starts to fill up.

Anyone care to point me at a script I can tweak, alter or will get me on the right road?

Or–even better–show me what such a script would look like. :slight_smile:


Andy Warwick
Creed New Media

Take a look at “Mail Scripts” from Andreas Amann…

I wrote this very script by request a few weeks ago. You can find it by going to my website at [url=][/url] and searching for “Search for Flagged Messages” from the navbar on the left side of the screen. This script is fully editable freeware.



That’s brilliant; thanks very much.

Andy Warwick
Creed New Media