Move Window to Different "Spaces" in Leopard

Beating my head on the wall for this one, hope someone can help.

I want to move a window, an example is a Safari Window from Space 1, to Space 4. If Safari was launched in Space 1, you can’t via Applescript, move to Space 4, and open a new window in Safari, as it will just push you back to Space 1 and that is where the window is opened.

There would be, I assume, two ways to accomplish what I want to do, but lost for both.

  1. Some type of code to tell a given window to move to another Space.

  2. Replicating the “Click (mouse down) on Window you Want to Move, then Hit Control-4” method to move the window. I can’t figure out how to “mouse down” on a window and then issue a keystroke command.