Moving a file from one folder to another - help

I am having a terible time figuring out how to simply move a file from one folder to the next. The original folder will contain a file (a different file each and every time) that needs to be moved to a folder called “old”.

I have done a seach and can’t find anything…

Please help

Kelly David

Um, it’s pretty straightforward. You didn’t give much detail on how you were identifying the source folder nor which file you want to move. Modify this script include the paths to the source folder and the target folder (“Old”) and it will move the first file it finds in the source folder to the target folder:

set source_folder to "path:to:source folder:"
set target_folder to "path:to:old:"
tell application "Finder" to move (file 1 of folder source_folder) to folder target_folder



That did it, thanks!

Kelly David