moving files into a new folder inside existing folder

Long time searcher on the forums, one of my first posts for assistance.
I have an interesting script I am trying to write. I have an existing folder structure that contains a few sub folders that I need to modify. This is just a subroutine of another script that I already have working.
Currently there is a job folder with the contents of the job in it, as well as occasionally a folder containing modified files.
I need to take the original files and put them into a new folder inside the job folder.

Original structure:
/2171/pdf files
/2171/InDesign files
/2171/file 1
/2171/file 2

Desired structure:
/2171/ORIG_2011Jan10_GA2/pdf files
/2171/ORIG_2011Jan10_GA2/InDesign files
/2171/ORIG_2011Jan10_GA2/file 1
/2171/ORIG_2011Jan10_GA2/file 2

As you can see, I want to move all the original content into a new subfolder, but ignore any modified folders.
I can script creating the new folder, but I’m not sure how to loop the moving of the files, while ignoring the new folder as well as the modified folder(s).
Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

Hi, Mike. Welcome to MacScripter.

If “pdf files”, “InDesign files”, etc. are actual folder names and they’re always the same, this is nice and brief:

-- Get user input for the new subfolder's name and location.
set destination to quoted form of POSIX path of (choose file name with prompt "Navigate to the source folder and give a name for the new subfolder" default name "ORIG_2011Jan10_GA2")

-- Create the new subfolder; get the path to its parent; move the specified folders from the parent to new subfolder.
do shell script ("mkdir -p " & destination & " ; source=$(dirname " & destination & ") ; mv \"$source\"/{{pdf,InDesign}' files','file '{1,2},Links} " & destination)