Moving files to specified folders


Every day I download 5 files, then click and drag them to the appropriate folder. I would like to automate this with AS.

The file names contain one of the following names: canslim, SOTD, SOTM, ibd100, or eibd. The corresponding folder in which I would like to direct them to are, respectively: canslim 09, SOTD 09, ibd100 09, or eibd 09.

How can I do this? I know absolutely nothing about programming. I know no languages and have never written any code.

Any help would…help,



Not enough info. You don’t say where the files go when you download them, you don’t say how you locate and download them, you don’t mention wanting the download itself to be part of the automation, and we don’t know where the target folders are, just their names. Not likely to be too many answers, jonhaloi.