Moving files

I’m fairly new to Automator and Folder Actions. I would like to create a workflow that let’s me move all movie files that are located in the Downloads folder to the Movies folder. For this purpose I have created a Workflow in Automator with two actions: Find finder items and Move finder items. In the first action I have specified “Kind is Movie” in the second action i have specified the destination folder. This seems to work perfectly when run from Automator. When I attach the workflow as a plug in to the Downloads folder it just copies every file to the Movies folder, regardless of the file type!

What am I missing here?

I can’t even get it to work with your parameters. Have you tried adding in the Filter Finder Items action?

I have tried that and it doesn’t make a difference:( The workflow works perfectly when run from Automator. When I save it as *scpt and attach it to the downloads folder EVERY new file is moved to the Movies folder.

OK, try a more refined saving technique. Open your functioning workflow in Automator, and choose File → Save As Plug-In → (type in a name) → (choose Plug-In For Folder Actions) → Attached to Folder → (choose Downloads).

See if that works.

If you’re still making a go of it in Automator try using the following…

[Get Specified Finder Items]
Name: Downloads

[Get Folder Contents]
(Repeat for each subfolder found) (Optional)

[Filter Finder Items]
Where Kind is Movie