Moving from AppleScript + Facespan to Xcode

Well, with Snow Leopard finally making it onto our machines at work, my FaceSpan days died with it.

I used FaceSpan to put pretty UIs on top of AppleScripts which controlled various apps: Photoshop and Excel primarily. And the apps made with FaceSpan promptly broke under Snow Leopard as well.

So, time to dive into Xcode. But I have no idea where to start. I tried a search for “books” here, and found the books thread, but much of it was seemingly dated to Xcode 3 (I’ve got Xcode 4).

I’m looking for something that explains how to use Xcode in an AppleScript-centric way (i.e. how to make Mac apps based on AppleScript), and also covers some basics like creating and controlling dialog boxes, progress bars, etc.

Thanks in advance.

FWIW, the third edition of my book is based on using Xcode 4.