Moving Xcode project from one computer to another?

I’m pretty new to Xcode, so please bear with me. Also, not sure if this question should be asked here, but…

I have been working on a project in Xcode, and I want to move it from my PowerBook to my G4 Tower. When I do so, building complains that it can’t find certain files. Obviously something is set to absolute paths. Any ideas how one would go about moving a project to a different computer?


Try cleaning your project and then building it. I often use my .Mac account to transfer projects from work to home (and back) this has worked for me.

Brad Bumgarner, CTA

Yeah, click and hold the Build button, and select Clean from the menu, or Clean All, then try building.

In case no one’s suggested in yet… I would try cleaning and building your project. You can use the build button… you click and hold on it and select ‘Clean’ or ‘Clean All’. Or, you can select “Build > Clean” or “Build > Clean All Targets” in the Xcode main menu. Or, you could press (Shift+Cmd+K). Or, you could control click on the toolbar and select “Customize Toolbar…” from the menu, then drag a “Clean” or “Clean all targets” icon to the toolbar (or both, yippee!), and then be able to build anytime right from your toolbar! Or, you could run this applescript…

tell application "Xcode"
	clean project 1
end tell


Seriously, though, if that doesn’t do it… what files is the error asking for? If it’s asking for files that you’ve added to your project (like images or other resources) either by dragging them to the project or choosing “Project > Add to Project…” from the main menu, then you may want to make sure you check the “Copy items into destination group’s folder (if needed)” checkbox when you confirm adding the items to the project. If you don’t do this, they will link to the local copies on computer 1 (rather than copy a version into the actual project directory) which won’t necessarily be on computer 2. If you can’t figure out how to add items to your project or figure out where the checkbox is, don’t worry… “someone” will probably re-post everything I just said in a few minutes and explain it all again for you.

Good luck,

Thanks alot. Cleaning the project worked. :lol: