movint messages in Mail

I’m trying to write a quiz using applescript studio & the interface builder. Multiple choice questions are easy with radio buttons, but it would be good to have ‘fill in the blank’ questions, with a popup menu (with different options) forming part of the question.

Anyone know how I could do this without having a different view for each question?

(I’ve thought about splitting the question in two and having two text boxes either side of a popup menu. But doing it this way, I don’t know how I could make the position of the popup menu & size/position of the text boxes respond to the length of the two strings supplied.)


You can take a look at an example project I wrote a few months ago that may give you some inspiration:




I would like to create mailboxes in, create mails and file them into the designated mailboxes. Unfortunately i cannot get the move-command to work. The Mail-Dictionary says the following:

So i believe the code below should work. But I get an NSInternalScriptError.

What’s wrong? How can i get it to work?

Thank you.


set mboxName to "testMailBox"
tell application "Mail"
	make new mailbox with properties {name:mboxName}
	set mbox to mailbox named mboxName

	set newMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:"subject", content:"body", visible:true}
	set mbox to mailbox named mboxName

	move newMessage to mbox	
end tell