mport datasets & variables

I’ve exported a dataset with a text variable to a xml documentwith the following apple script.

tell application “Illustrator CS”
make new document
make new variable in document 1 with properties {name:“TextVariable”, kind:textual}
make new text frame in document 1 with properties {name:“Text1”, position:{100, 550}, content variable:variable “TextVariable” of document 1}
set the contents of text frame “Text1” of document 1 to “I’m a piece of text…”
make new dataset in document 1 with properties {name:“My First Dataset”}
export variables of current document to file “~/Desktop/sample4.xml”
end tell

The XML document (sample4.xml) contains:

I’m a piece of text…

I imported this xml document with the “import variables” function in a new script.

Does somebody have some information about, after I importeId the xml data how to recall the TextVariable and putting the contents into a new text frame?

Any remarks would be greatly appreciated

M. :smiley: