MS Outlook 2011 won't send email

What appears to be the easiest and most obvious command ever, “SEND” isn’t working for me in MS Outlook 2011 (OMG my IT dept just installed the 14.0.0 release, no service updates! yikes!)
So, is there a problem with my script that I cannot send this message, or, do I really need to get an app update?

tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
	set mySubject to "Some test message"
	set theEmail to make new outgoing message in outbox with properties {subject:mySubject, content:"this is a test message yo!"}
	tell theEmail
		make new to recipient with properties {email address:{address:""}}
	end tell
	send theEmail --won't send :-(
end tell

Reply to my own message:
Outlook2011 was at fault. An update to v 14.4.1 has allowed emails to send.