MultiLingal Software

Hey guys im trying to convert my MultiAlarm so that users can submit a translation, i have setup the nibs but when trying to retrive data from a Localizable.strings file

Im using this code

display dialog (localized string "ERROR_ExtraAlerts" from table "Localizable") buttons {"Ok"}

How ever that code will just display “ERROR_ExtraAlerts” instead of the text it is ment to display

Are the ‘.strings’ files located in the right place in your application?

They are in English.lproj/Localizable.strings

PS. Only attempting english at the moment

Anyone? I really want to know how to do this.

I had the same problem, but traced back the problem to a bug in Xcode.
When making the Localizable.strings file localisable, the newly created Localizable.strings file in the .proj folder is not explicitely encoded in UTF-8 format.

You get something like "CFLog (0):
CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): plist parse failed; the data is not proper UTF-8. The file name for this data could be:
" on compile, followed by a file that has nothing to do with it.

So the solution is to encode it to UTF-8 using the popup menu “Info”, and choosing File Encoding: Unicode (UTF-8).

That worked for me. – peter