Multiple Choice


I’ve looked around for this but I can’t find a solution anywhere.
I want to be able to ask the user to select an option from a list at the beginning of the Automator process - the process will then create a series of folders in different locations depending on which choice was made.

I’ve tried using ‘Choose from list’ but this doesn’t work for me for two reasons:

  1. it allows multiple selections to be made, which is no use in this instance
  2. it’s default state is to select all in the list, requiring more user input to deselect the other options before choosing the one they want.

I imagine that this requires an AppleScript solution - something I’m not yet very well versed in - so any help at all would be much appreciated!

Thanks for your help

"Choose from list someList also exists in AppleScript. It has these arguments:

cancel button name – if omitted, remains “Cancel” which returns “false” if clicked.
default items – allows one or more of the choices to be highlighted on open
empty selection allowed – if not true then the OK button won’t light – default is false
multiple selections allowed – if not stated defaults to false, only one allowed (in a list, however)
OK button name – defaults to OK
with prompt – a message in the header
with title – the window title.

Thanks for the reply - excuse my newbie status…
So could I integrate that into an Automator 'flow?