Multiple computers accessing a file, open/close access

I have a script that is run by several computers at the same time. They are all writing to one log file. But sometimes the log file gets corrupted, it seems like maybe too many are writing at once?
I have never used open or close for access, my script uses write to file starting at -1 to add to the end. If I enclose this with an Open/Close access command, what happens if one computer is busy with the file and another tries to access it? Does it wait? Does the command just fail? Any insight or examples is appreciated!

If you try to write to an already open file from a script that didn’t open it, it works; but if you try to read the open file from a different script you get an end of file error since it’s not yet set. Best bet is to open and close for each write and trap the error in the other in case of simultaneous access.

Thanks Adam. So you are saying that any script can write to a file, even if I used open for access. ? I don’t need to read the files, I only need to write. So this sounds like to me that I would not even need to use ofa if all scripts can trample over each other anyways.

My goal was to try to keep my log file (just a text file) clean, because now it looks like some data is getting truncated or inserted at the wrong place; I’m assuming it’s because I have 9 computers writing (often) to one log.